Waterford Coalition For Youth

A Family / Community Partnership

We Are All Connected, We Are All Affected

About Waterford Coalition For Youth

Established in 1994, the Waterford Coalition for Youth began as a community task force that was initiated by Waterford Youth Assistance as a response to increases in adolescent crime and delinquency. By 1997, the Coalition achieved its non-profit status and launched several prevention programs geared toward healthy lifestyle choices for youth.

The Coalition is committed to pro-active education for parents and families, and strives to connect the community together in creating a safe, drug free, healthy environment for our family and neighbors.

The Coalition consists of concerned citizens and public leaders from Waterford and surrounding communities. All sectors of our community are encouraged and invited to join us.

Community Partnerships

Executive Board


Hon. Richard D. Kuhn, Jr.

Anne Kruse

Immediate Past Chairperson

In Transition

Vice Chairperson

Lindsey Howey


Nancy Hall


Kathy Kos

Adult Member at Large

Kathy Duff

Matthew Wyatt

Christie Kay

In Transition

Student Member At Large

Ava Fuller
Macy Tague
In Transition
In Transition

School District Youth Liaisons

Chris Burlingame

Rebecca Zimmerman


Josh Bowren

Police Liaisons

Officer David Gulda

Officer Andy Tarajos

Advisory Board

Gary Wall


Waterford Township

Scott Underwood

Chief of Police

Waterford Township

John Lyman

Chief, Fire Department

Waterford Township

Dr. Keith Wunderlich


Waterford School District

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